Typical ArresterWorks Projects

Forensic Analysis of Failed Arresters

This is the most comprehensive analysis of failed arresters anywhere. 18-30 pages of analysis and cause of failure conclusions.

Example Report

  1. In depth examination of the available parts.
  2. Example Field Arrester
  3. Close-up photography and microscopic photography to identify cause of failure.
  4. Closeup
  5. Gas analysis of unfailed partner arresters if available.

  6. Analysis of electrical characteristics of available disks. Any disk can be analyzed no matter how damaged.
  7. Electrical Characteristics
  8. Leak checking using the appropriate method (HMS, vacuum, die penetrate, pressure decay) of failed and unfailed partner arresters

  9. In depth review of potential causes of failure and rationale of which ones are possible and which ones are not. The list includes.

    Moisture Ingress Improper MCOV or TOV Rating
    Excessive Partial Discharge Unbalanced Electric Field
    Lightning Misalignment of Disk Column:
    Temporary Overvoltage Improper Spring Pressure
    Switching Surge Overload Mechanical Stress
    Aging of Disks Burrs
    External Contamination Insufficient Dielectric Strength

  10. And much more...

  11. Arresters that can be Analyzed: Porcelain 3-500kV, Polymer 3-500kV, Underoil, Elbow, Secondary.

  12. Contact Jonathan Woodworth at 716 307 2431 or at jonathan.woodworth@arresterworks.com for more information or to make arrangements for a quote.