If you are an Manufacturer

ArresterWorks can help you in the following ways.


Arrester Design and Production

  • As a manufacturer, do you have a design or production issue needing resolution?
  • As a manufacturer, do you have a market goal you need assistance with?
  • As a user do you have an idea on how to improve reliability with an arrester, but need some assistance with it?
  • As a manufacturer, do you need a project involving arrester production or design that needs special short-term attention?
  • As an OEM user of arresters, do you have a project that needs attention regarding arresters?
  • As a manufacturer, do you have all the latest facts on recent competitive introductions?
  • As a manufacturer, are the IEEE and IEC standards working for you. ArresterWorks can make them work for you.
  • Do you have a patent that needs defense or assistance with.


MOV Disk Design and Production

  • As a disk manufacturer is your process under control?
  • As a disk manufacturer, are you using the most optimum arrester design with the available disks
  • As a disk manufacturers are you using the most beneficial suppliers.


Arrester Marketing and Sales

  • Arrester markets are very daunting and difficult to enter. ArresterWorks can guide your marketing or sales group through the most difficult road blocks.
  • Is your arrester positioned or branded correctly
  • Are you promoting the right stuff... if not ArresterWorks can assist.
  • Do you need a paper or position written?
  • Do you need a seminar on arrester application for your customers
  • Are you interested in Marketing Research in the area of arresters
  • Are you interested in a field study with customers
  • Do you need assistance with a legal case