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September 2014 ArresterNews   

Feature Article: ArresterFacts 024 - Seperation Distance
May 2013 ArresterNews Cover Thumb
Articles Inside
1. ArresterFacts 024
    Separation Distance
2. INMR 2015 World Congress
    Call for papers
3. Photos of Interest
    Interesting Configuration

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May 2013 ArresterNews   

Feature Article: ArresterFacts 006 - Arrester Forensics

May 2013 ArresterNews Cover Thumb
Articles Inside
1. ArresterFacts 006 - Arrester Forensics
2. eSeminar - Arresters 101
3. Photos of Interest - Extreme Contamination

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April 2013 ArresterNews   

Feature Article: Insulation Coordination FAQ

April 2013 ArresterNews Cover Thumb
Articles Inside
1. Insulaiton Coordination FAQ
2. A Unique Application of Power Conductors
3. Survey: Do you experience pole damage from Lightning?

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March 2013 ArresterNews   

Feature Article: Guide for Selecting Arrester Field Test Methods

March 2013 ArresterNews Cover Thumb
Articles Inside
1. ArresterFacts 042 - Selection of Field Test Method
2. To Ground or Not To Ground
3. Mystery Photo?

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January Issue <view>
  • ArresterFacts 032 - The Sheath Voltage Limiter
  • Call for Papers - 2013 INMR World Congress Arrester Session
  • Hall of Fame - Donald Raudabaugh
  • Mystery Photo - Created by Nature
September 2012 Issue <view>
  • ArresterFacts 038 Calculating the Value of a Distribution Arrester
  • Eaton to Acquire Cooper
  • ArresterFacts 033 Update Understanding the New IEC Energy Tests
  • Mystery Photo
August 2012 Issue <view>
  • ArresterFacts 029 Distribution System Response to Lightning
  • Help Us Reach Higher Circulaiton
  • Bengt Johnnerfelt Joines TE Connectivity
  • Wildlife Protection Cartoon
  • Mystery Photo
July 2012 Issue <view>
  • ArresterFacts 037 Insulation Coordination Fundamentals
  • eConsulting Update
  • Mike Comber of Hubbell Power Systems Retires
  • eSeminar Schedule
  • Mystery Photo
April 2012 Issue <view>
  • ArresterFacts 036 Arrester Condition Monitoring
  • eConsulting Introduced
  • Arresters 101
  • Mystery Photo
March 2012 Issue <view>
  • ArresterFacts 019 Wildlife Protective Devices
  • Overview of Power Engineers Conference
  • eSeminar Schedule
  • Mystery Photo
February 2012 Issue <view>
  • ArresterFacts 017a Transmission Line Arrester Selection Guide
  • eSeminars Introduced
  • ArresterFacts 034 Conductor Size Consdierations for Station Class Arresters
  • ABB to Acquire Thomas and Betts
  • Joe Koephinger Receives IEEE SA Lifetime Achievement Award
January 2012 Issue <view>
  • ArresterFacts 033 Overview of Proposed Energy tests in IEC 60099-4
  • ArresterWorks Virtual Museum Introduced
  • Volker Hinrichsen Named Chairman of IEC TC 37
  • History of Arresters for Power Systems in the US 1750 - Present
  • 1988 Varistor Conference Photo
  • David W Jackson Inducted into Surge Proteciton Hall of Fame
August 2011 Issue <view>
  • ArresterFacts 028 Understanding Temporary Overvoltage Behavior of Arresters
  • A What Happened Photo
  • Modeling Temperature Rise in Arresters
April 2010 Issue <view>
  • Application Guide on Wildlife Protective Devices for Arresters
  • Overvoltage Seminar Announcement
  • Alice Stage named Product Manager at Cooper
MOV June 2009 Issue <view>
  • ArresterWorks now available for Third Party Test Witnessing
  • MOV Protection of Series Capacitor Banks
  • New Webinar Announced for Executives and Management
  • Rodney Doone Inducted into Hall of Fame
April 2009 Issue
  • ArresterWorks Substation Arrester Assessment Survey
  • Jack Kalb inducted into Hall of Fame
  • Nema opens New Site NemaArresters
  • Making it easier to select an Arrester (New AC Rating Calculator Tool)
John W. Kalb
Inventor of Current-Limiting Gap 1957
March 2009 Issue
  • What is a Transmission Line Arrester
  • Mat Darveniza inducted into Hall of Fame
  • Standards Update
  • Lightning Protection Milestones in the US
  • First Webinar
  • Used Equipment For Sale
February 2009 Issue
  • Selecting Arrester MCOV-Uc
  • John Posey Inducted into Hall of Fame
  • Introducing the Online Arrester Dictionary
  • Used Equipment still for Sale
  • 1892 Edison Arrester Patent
January 2009 Issue
  • What is a Riser Pole Arrester
  • Don Worden inducted into the Hall of Fame
  • Early History of Disconnector
  • Equipment for Sale
  • Patent Application on housing with an optical port
December 2008 Issue
  • Understanding Discharge Voltage
  • Asle Schei inducted into Hall of Fame
  • Overview of Arrester Short Circuit Testing
November 2008 Issue
  • Understanding the Energy Handling Issue
  • Eugene Sakshaug induced into the Hall of Fame
  • The Bennett Arrester Story - Learn about a 1924 Arrester filled with liquid.
  • Thomas and Betts Elbow arresters discussed.
September 2008 Issue
  • The Switching Surge and Arresters
  • New tool to assess the effect of cap banks on arresters.
  • Misao Kobayashi inducted into Hall of Fame
  • Cooper Introduces the Evolution Arrester
  • Musings on the Origins of the term Lightning Arrester
  • Patent Review - Using Arresters as a BPL capacitive coupling device
August 2008 Issue
  • The Lightning Surge and Arresters
  • Dr. Karl-Heinz Weck inducted into Hall of Fame
  • Protecting Insulated Conductors from Burndown
  • Patent Application Fast Take on Means to improve energy handling capability of a disk.
July 2008 Issue
  • Simple Definition of an Arrester
  • Michio Matsuoko "Father of MOV" inducted into Hall of Fame
  • The MOV Story
  • Patent Application on alternate means of mounting disks.
June 2008 Issue
  • Understanding New IEC Mechanical Test Requirements.
  • Bob Hileman inducted into Hall of Fame
  • The Electrolytic Arrester Story
  • Siemens Introduces an Arrester Condition Monitor
  • Siemens Patent on condition Monitor
May 2008 Issue
  • Arrester Disconnector
  • 2 Patent Reviews
  • Joe Koepfinger inducted into Hall of Fame
  • The Crystal Valve Arrester Story
April 2008 Issue
  • Externally Gapped Line Arrester
  • Standards Update
  • François Martzloff in the Hall of Fame
February 2008 Issue
  • Field Testing Arresters
    1. Guide for Selecting A Field Test Method
    2. Presentation on Field Testing Arrester
    3. How to Use and Infrared Thermometer to Test an Arrester
  • Steve Hensley is on the Move
  • The 500kV Traffic Cop
  • Feedback on Lead Length Issue
  • Lightning Protection of Substation and Transmission Line Courses now available

January 2008 Issue

  • ArresterWorks Joins the Arrester Industry
  • The Lead Length Issue (detail in ArresterFacts-001)
  • How to identify relevant Arrester Lead Length
  • The Zero Lead Length Configuration