In 2007 Jonathan Woodworth and Deborah Limburg made the decision to join their business expertise to start ArresterWorks Consulting. Their aim was to provide a resource for those seeking to improve power system reliability through design, production and application of arresters to mitigate the effect of lightning and other transients. Their efforts have lead to which is a website devoted to providing educational information on the topic of surge protection of power systems and a consulting business that continues to grow.

Since 2007 and the start of ArresterWorks, they have developed a comprehensive library of articles on surge protection that is now second to none in the world. They have also developed and honed their transient analysis skills using ATP software to model and problem solve in the industry. They have added on line seminars, eConsulting, and much more to their list of services to the industry.

Jonathan Woodworth

Principal Engineer

Jonathan Woodworth Jonathan started his career at Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory in Batavia, Illinois, where he was an integral member of the high energy particle physics team in search of the elusive quark. Returning to his home state of NY, he joined the design engineering team at McGraw Edison (later Cooper Power Systems) in Olean. During his tenure at Cooper he was involved in the design, development and manufacturing of arresters. He served as Engineering Manager as well as Arrester Marketing Manager during that time. Since 2008 he has been the Principal Engineer for ArresterWorks.

Though his entire career, Jonathan has been active in the IEEE and IEC standard associations. He is past chair of the IEEE SPD Committee, he is past chair of NEMA 8LA Arrester Committee, and presently co-chair of IEC TC37 MT4. He is inventor/co-inventor on five US patents. Jonathan received his Bachelor's degree in Electronic Engineering from The Ohio Institute of Technology and his MBA from St. Bonaventure University.

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Deborah Limburg

Web and Business Developer

Deborah Limburg Deborah is a long term veteran in the arrester industry having worked for Cooper Industries for over 25 years. During that time she held a number of positions in the product engineering department, including leader of the Engineering Design Services group. One of her major accomplishments at Cooper was the design of database driven virtual product drawing systems. These systems were implemented on all major product lines, improving the documentation process through increased efficiency and accuracy

Additionally she developed the software to handle disk selection process for the tightly matched disk columns required for series capacitor banks and the management of the varistor assembly process. Deborah received her BS in Computer Software from the University of New York State and is a co-inventor on several US patents.

Since 2010 Deborah has been the Web and Business Developer for Arresterworks.

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