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New IEC Mechanical Tests Requirements
ArresterFacts 007 New IEC Mechanical Tests Requirements

Explanation of the purpose and how to execute the new mechanical tests specified in 60099-4 Ed. 2.1 of 2006-07

Energy Handling Issue
ArresterFacts 012 Energy Handling Issue

Introduction to the long-standing energy rating issue of arresters resolved with the publication of IEEE C62.11 -2012 and IEC 60099-4 Ed 3.0
See AF 033 for udate on energy handling.

Energy Handling Tests - IEC 60099-4
ArresterFacts 033 Energy Handling Tests - IEC 60099-4

The final energy tests adopted by IEC for arresters is explained in detail.
Reference ArresterFacts 033.1 - Calculating Charge in a Surge using Excel found in the Tools and Guides section.

IEEE C62.11-2012 Test Requirements
ArresterFacts 040 IEEE C62.11-2012 Test Requirements

Overview of new energy handling capability test for surge arresters specified in IEEE C62.11-2012