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New IEC Mechanical Tests Requirements
ArresterFacts 007 New IEC Mechanical Tests Requirements

Explanation of the purpose and how to execute the new mechanical tests specified in 60099-4 Ed. 2.1 of 2006-07

Energy Handling Issue
ArresterFacts 012 Energy Handling Issue

Introduction to the long-standing energy rating issue of arresters resolved with the publication of IEEE C62.11 -2012 and IEC 60099-4 Ed 3.0
See AF 033 for udate on energy handling.

Energy Handling Tests - IEC 60099-4
ArresterFacts 033 Energy Handling Tests - IEC 60099-4

The final energy tests adopted by IEC for arresters is explained in detail.
Reference ArresterFacts 033.1 - Calculating Charge in a Surge using Excel found in the Tools and Guides section.

IEEE C62.11-2012 Test Requirements
ArresterFacts 040 IEEE C62.11-2012 Test Requirements

Overview of new energy handling capability test for surge arresters specified in IEEE C62.11-2012

IEEE C62.11-2020 Test Changes
ArresterFacts 050 Understanding Changes IEEE C62.11 2020

Revision 2020 to IEEE C62.11 revises the required tests to contain more realistic requirements while at the same time harmonize it with the equivalent IEC standard 60099-4. ArresterFacts 050 is an outline of the revisions in a manner that makes them more understandable and easier to implement by all stakeholders.