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Extreme Contamination on an Arrester

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West Quoddy Head, Maine

Extreme Arresters

A photo collection of arresters located at extreme locations or extreme conditions

We would love to show hundreds of arresters from around the world that are located in such places. The term extreme is completely relative to the country or region in which it is located. If you have a photo of an arrester that is located in an extreme location or extreme conditions, share it with us and we will post it with credits to the photographer and manufacturer of the arrester. If you can show some evidence of the location that would be good, but not necessary.

Contaminated Arresters

West Quoddy Head, Main Photographer: David Hernandez
Date: April 2013
Comment: This extreme photo was sent to us by a reader in Venezuela and shows a person cleaning off the contamination generated by an iron ore facility. Insert in upper right corner shows a station arrester that has already been cleaned and a bushing that is in the process of being cleaned.

West Quoddy Head, Maine
West Quoddy Head Maine

West Quoddy Head, Main Photographer: ArresterWorks
Date: August 2005
Comment: Collecting extreme geographical points when traveling is one of our passions. It goes well with our desire to build an ever growing collection of power systems photos.

Submitting an Extreme Photo

We are eager to to see your extreme arrester photo. Send them to us with a bit of an explanation on what makes them extreme and we will post them on our site. Let us know if you would like your name to appear with the photo.

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